Fish Spa Treatment

Changi Airport, Singapore

Travelling on Air Miles meant a switch of plane and a few hours to kill at Changi Airport (terminal 1) in Singapore.
It was with trepidation that I found myself committing to a Fish Spa Experience at the Airport Wellness Oasis
A Weirdly contradictory choice for a vegetarian I agree as it’s a flesh eating practice. Quickly tossing that thought aside however, I washed my feet with soap and towel dried them as instructed and then delicately lowered my piggies in to the medicinal fish pond.
I find that within seconds I am being eaten alive!!! Hundreds of tiny little suckers or biters…do they have teeth?! Start working away at my feet.
At first I am not very keen and I am also really worried about squashing them between my toes. When I satisfy myself that it is less of a bite and more of a tickle that I am feeling, I slowly start to relax and begin to fantasise about the prospect of possessing heels as smooth as a baby’s bottom!
The session lasts for half an hour – they should be able to perform the task by then. Mentally I encourage them on…come on guys – keep it up!
My thoughts start wandering off as I take in the ambience and tranquility of rest of the spa. Amist the calming music, lotions and potionsI am now feeling incredibly decadent and pampered.
As I slowly bring my vision back to how my feet are looking I am shocked back in to reality because by now a few of the larger fish have gone off together and created a gang. They are taking a smaller fish down…. This is hardcore – the survival of the fittest! I am horrified to find as I further scrutinise the bottom of the pool that there are one or two tiny skeletal remnants of fish for whom whatever reason in this underwater world, have been alienated, picked out and turned upon by their extended family.
It is gruesome to admit that these tiny featureless creatures are in fact carnivorous Cannibals and I want out ASAP!


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