Cinderella goes to the Frocktails Ball!


Not even the freak weather conditions of giant hail stones and torrential downpours,this weekend, would stop me from attending the highly anticipated event that was Sydney Frocktails Especially as at first there were no tickets available!!!

Just call me Cinderella because whilst anguish and despair were setting in, a miracle occurred and I was fortunate enough to be granted a ticket at the last minute as someone dropped out.

The rules of the night stated that you must make something to wear for the event. Due to lack of time I was relieved of the indecision and pressure of what to sew and opted for a pre made creation. Vogue 1348 by Tom & Linda Platt



I’m not denying that I felt a fair bit or trepidation as I headed on the bus in all my handmade finery to the event at  The Edinburgh Castle in central Sydney. I popped a couple of mouth fresheners to calm me down and loitered on the corner until they had dissolved before heading in to the venue.

As soon as I entered I was greeted by my Fairy Godmother – the very gracious Caz Adams who had organised the event. Caz directly made me feel at ease and my neves started to subside not least because I was deeply distracted by what she was wearing.



Caz was a vision in a breathtaking, hand crafted dress made of a Teal silk. A perfect choice for someone with her gorgeous red hair. The dress was a sophisticated, slim fitting knee-length garment which could only be described as a half slip and half Grecian style of dress. The pattern she used was:  Vogue 1289 by Pamella Rolland

Formalities dealt with, I willed myself forward in to the room full of strangers. There is nothing to make you feel more self conscious when you turn up on your own to a sartorial event than a person wearing the same dress as yourself  and yes – you’ve guessed it – that happened to me! (well fabric actually) Downing my cocktail and striking a pose for the camera – I started to relax and feel more comfortable and really gelled with my fabric twin especially as she had made a very impressive handbag in the same material also.












How to describe the vision in the rest of the room before me? – Well in a nut shell, it was a froth of chiffon and print. There were colour coordinated ensembles with matching shoes.Vintage style dresses. Expertly fitted garments with unique tweaks and finishes which is what we fellow sewists spend hours working to achieve. Words were banded about that only those in the know understood such as ‘Indie Patterns‘, ‘blind hem’, ‘stash’ and ‘rouleau loop‘. YES!! at last – I have found my people, all speaking the same language!


The pinnacle of the evening was when, among a fever pitch of excitement, names were to be pulled out of the bag to win various prizes. Gift vouchers for material shops, downloadable patterns, fabric and haberdashery were some of the goodies on offer.



As the evening neared to the end, with a few to many cocktails later, The camaraderie became more intimate. It started with the unashamed touching and feeling of one and others fabrics and impromptu lifting of each others skirts to see and admire how hems had been finished! There were compliments all round and blatant fabric envy all rolled in to one.


Blurry eyed I retired home with a warm feeling that comes with bonding with like-minded people. A lovely connection with not only Sydneysiders but the people who had made the effort to travel from Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. Instagram buddies meeting in person with a common interest.

 I am grateful to the wonderful people that I met on Saturday – the Sydney Spoolettes and the Frocktails event that has fuelled me on to shift my lazy behind and further write and document my creative journey. Thank you everyone!

Photos Courtesy or @usefulbox!


3 thoughts on “Cinderella goes to the Frocktails Ball!

  1. Oh goodness – you are too kind Alison! Thank you for coming along. I am so glad that you had lovely time! And your dress was one of my favourites! I have had my eye on that pattern for a while….you’ve inspired me.
    See you soon, Caz xx


  2. It was an honour to meet you and be your fabric twin for the night! Every time I have talked about Frocktails to people one of the first things I mention was the tale of our fabric


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