Swimwear Course, Sydney


I suffer from FOL. Better known as Fear Of Lycra! Not the wearing of it but the sewing of it…

I have always been a woven girl with my fabric choices and have advanced over the years from humble cushion cover beginnings to sewing fully lined coats and jackets. As my competence with woven’s has progressed I have moved further away from any inclination to try to work with the two-way stretchy stuff.

I prefer stability and over the years have endeavoured to select my fabric in much the same way as I go about my life. For I have inherited the non-risk taker gene handed down from my father and my father’s father before him. It’s nothing to do with lack of intelligence. More a case of being happy with ones lot and not wanting to lose any of it. Also enjoying being good at something and not having to start all over again.

That is until my phobia for swimwear shopping got the better of me.

For the last few summers I have made do with what I have been wearing for the past five years. As I can not face trying on what’s on offer in the shops. Most of what I have tried is un-flattering, ill-fitting or hideously expensive.

Now however, what’s left of my own depleted supply of bathers, have become hazardous to both myself and whoever crosses paths with me. They have become shapeless, un-supportive, pilled and perished (one of the major down sides of lycra’s life cycle). Once it comes in contact with chlorine its days are definitely numbered.fullsizerender3

So – when I noticed a stretch swimwear course being advertised at the Bobbin and Ink Workspace and Studio In Sydney. I thought why not? I love a workshop after all!

How wonderful to be able to create a tailor-made one piece at a fraction of the price!

The course is nine hours in total spread over three weekends. Here, under the expert guidance of Susan from Measure Twice Cut Once, you are taught all the tricks needed to work successfully with Lycra.


Using commercial patterns, you learn how to line garments, insert bra cups, fit the swimsuit to your own personal measurements and insert or stitch elastic in all of its various forms. On top of this, you learn how to get the best possible stitch result from subtle adjustments of your sewing machine.fullsizerender2

I totally loved the course and learnt an abundance of tips and tricks from Susan who was more than willing to share  her broad knowledge of swimwear for production. My FOL has now been replaced by lycra sewing obsession!

Bobbin and Ink also happens to be a very cool place in which to be spending time. It is a hub of arty innovation with heaps of inspiration occurring all around. A screen printing class was taking place on the very same day. So if you are needing to get your creative juices flowing, this is certainly the place to be!

Whats not to like?!





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